Taxonomy - the secret ingredient of great content - and how it is linked to business strategy

How we structure and shape information affects business strategy. This post covers all that I’ve learnt about Taxonomy through the course of the past year while working on a new website (which is yet to be developed) for my client - Design Core India - a multidisciplinary design firm based out of Bengaluru.

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What the heck does a Content Strategist do?

Last year when my then-5-year-old asked me what I do, I mulled for the longest time seeking the most elementary definition of Content Strategy. Finally, I said: “I help people create & share useful information with their customers.” My little one nodded her head sagely, and scampered off. Evidently, she understood what I said!

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Anusha Jha Rohom
What makes content great?

“Elementary, Dr Watson.”

That is how Sherlock Holmes would have answered the above question. After all, forensic analysis of all ‘great’ content would reveal consistent findings. No, these findings wouldn’t be about the right grammar, punctuation or style. Those parameters separate ‘good’ content from ‘bad’. For content to go a step further and be ‘great’, it must it must contain the following three elements.

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Anusha Jha RohomComment
No Strategy. Just Content Please!

Did you just say that?

Oh my. You’ve just committed the first cardinal sin of bad branding.

Asking for content minus the strategy is akin to cooking without a recipe, driving without directions, or going to war without a battle-plan.

The result? Chaos. Pretty much.

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