When Airloyal wanted a booth at Ad-Tech Delhi, 2015



Airloyal uses a community of consumers to get brands gain consumer insight. Their flagship product - www.getinsights.co - employs a live panel of 10M plus smartphone users in association with mobile analytics help enterprises of all kinds validate their decisions. Having worked with them in 2014, I was familiar with their business model. However, in 2015, their requirement took me into a new territory. They were to participate in Ad Tech Delhi. Hence, they not only needed to update their website, but needed marketing material for the event and a stall that would attract, inform, and convert.  


The excitement quotient for this engagement was heightened by the fact that:

  • We had a little over 2 weeks to accomplish everything
  • The company had grown since the time I had last worked with them. The client had found new uses for their product, but had not got down to defining them.
  • This was the first time I was to design content for an information booth


A series of calls helped me understand the progress the organization had made over the past one year. This involved defining and naming the new solutions. Thereafter, I updated the Content Strategy for the enterprise by rewriting the brand messages, identifying missing content on the website, and disposing off irrelevant information. 

Thereafter, I allowed the brand's Content Strategy to guide me to craft a variety of marketing material including brochure, handouts, inserts, press release etc. In addition, I worked on the information displayed within their kiosk, while constrained by space, material, and kiosk design. The trick, I quickly discovered, was to apply the principles of User Experience in the same manner as for their website. Audience segmentation, the buyer's journey, focused messaging etc. all helped me design content for the booth.


Airloyal's booth at Ad Tech was designed keeping in mind the brand guidelines. Space constraints forced me to think hard and prioritize the messaging. The client did not want to leave anything important unsaid. Yet, we didn't want to clutter the space available either. Eventually, we finalized a combination of data and snappy value proposition statements. The intention was to build context as the visitors moved around the booth. The information was meant to add to the aesthetics of the booth and aid conversations.   


Airloyal's participation at Ad-Tech Delhi was a success. The booth, the marketing material, and the updated website together helped create and maintain sufficient buzz in the community. Successful participation in the event gave Airloyal visibility as well as plenty of leads.


Anusha Jha Rohom