When Deegit Inc needed a brand overhaul

Deegit Home.png


Deegit Inc, an industry-leading IT talent staffing solutions provider based out of Schaumburg, Illinois, wanted to re-brand themselves, starting with their website. Having worked with them earlier, in 2014, I was familiar with their business and their culture. However, this engagement, in 2016, promised to be bigger and much more challenging. 


Every website is birthed through a website content strategy, and so was www.deegit.com. However, several factors upped the inherent complexity of the process. 

  • The core team, that has the biggest say in the website strategy, was located across the globe.
  • The organization was evolving in the sense that they were still discovering their strengths, their niche, and hence their competitive differentiation. 


We kicked off the engagement with a series of 'discovery' calls with the core team and ace web developer Jerry Virgo (www.virgowebdesign.com). These calls helped the core team gain consensus on their business goals and priorities. Gradually, we gained clarity about their core market and its segmentation. We also discovered that the messages for the audience segments while different, were all equally important. This knowledge helped us determine the website structure and identify the messaging requirements for all the pages. These calls also helped us identify the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for each of their services. Thereafter, we established a process for content creation in association with the SMEs, its approval, and its implementation in the website. The creation of content was accomplished in multiple rounds, taking into consideration the specific messaging requirements, requisite information flow, and design specifications. The Verditer also worked on several Case Studies for Deegit Inc.  


The current website structure and messaging is completely aligned with the organization's business. The Home page, for instance, addresses all the audience segments effectively without diluting the core value proposition. The website navigation supports great UX by addressing a website visitor's information needs. 

The content (text and images) succinctly differentiates the organization by highlighting the organization's diverse and inclusive culture. Each page answers the queries that a particular website visitor might have; nothing more, nothing less.


The new website has proved its worth as an effective marketing tool. It supports conversations and conversions by making relevant, useful, and impactful information available to the Sales team on their fingertips.