Long Form Content

The power of original, useful, and impactful long form content is indisputable. Articles, whitepapers, product datasheets, industry reports etc are vital not only for attracting prospects, but for moving your leads along the sales funnel. Here's how we approach long form content creation at The Verditer.   

Credit:  Photo by   Brandi Redd   on   Unsplash

Credit: Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

Step 1: Requirements gathering

Expect to be grilled about your requirement. We'd like to know why you think you need that particular piece of content. What you hope to achieve through it. Who is it meant for. And so on so forth, until we are 'in your shoes'. Depending upon what we've learnt, we might advise you to alter your requisition in order to get better ROI and higher impact.   

In addition, we will also study your organiztion's style guide and brand guidelines to ensure that any piece of content that we create, must easily be identifiable with your brand. In other words, we work as an extended team for your organization.

Step 2: Creating

We refrain from using the term 'writing' for 'content creation' because we believe that everything is content. This includes images, graphs, infographics, tables and any other type of information that we may include in long form content. This approach ensures that the resulting content is not verbose and thus, soporific.

The long form content that we produce is characterized by a logical flow of information beginning with catchy headlines and interspersed with images and graphics that complement the subject matter. Useful and easy on the eyes, such content is welcomed by readers, helping you build your brand image.    

Credit:  Photo by   Fabian Fauth   on   Unsplash

Credit: Photo by Fabian Fauth on Unsplash


Collaborative approach + Originality + Data at the core

Credit:  Photo by   Oscar Keys   on   Unsplash

Credit: Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

Specialty: Ghostwriting

If you have the story, we can get you the words. At The Verditer, we believe that everyone should be able to tell their tale, whether it is personal or official, fiction or non-fiction, article or a book. Ways to engage with us:

  • Share your ideas and build your personal brand through your blog
  • Build your reputation as a thought leader through guest articles in publications/portals
  • Convert the germ of your idea into a story