Content Strategy

There's no point joining the content bandwagon if you are not clear about where you want to go. You must decode your requirement. Understand the context. Identify your audience's needs. Finalize your organization's voice, style, and content mandate. Get all stakeholders on board. Only when you have charted the path, should you commission a single word of content. 

  • Enterprise Content Strategy - Ensure a consistent voice and style. Get a plan for developing and maintaining the content for your organization and for all the stakeholders. 
  • Website Content Strategy - Build the foundation for a website that informs, convinces, and converts visitors into leads. 


Content Design

Understand your audience. Provide them with an intuitive structure that simplifies their search. Use their vocabulary while engaging with them. Model your information as per your audience's requirements spanning text, pull-down menus, graphs, maps, infographics, video, audio, and more. Provide them with value at every stage of the customer journey.  

  • Long form: Blog posts | Articles | Speeches | Whitepapers | Industry Reports | Books 
  • Microcontent: Apps | Social media posts | CTAs on websites
  • Creative content: Video scripts | Infographics    
  • Miscellaneous: Brochures | Press Kits | Presentations
  • Website content